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Can I be ordained through the mail?

No. The canons (rules) and teachings of the Universal Catholic Church do not permit ordination by mail. We are a Catholic church with a Christian Tradition to follow! You cannot baptize or receive holy communion by mail: likewise, Holy Orders are not possible by mail either.

Must I travel for ordination?

Yes. Unless special arrangements are made, all ordinations take place in California or Texas. The Presiding Bishop will work with you if you are outside the United States.

Who pays for my needed education?

You do. We keep costs to a minimum. They often barely cover the cost of postage and the materials supplied. Students pay for each course taken.


Must I take my theological studies from St. Clement of Alexandria Seminary?

Yes and No. Some of your training, that pertaining to the Liberal Catholic Movement, must be with the Seminary. For other courses, there are many good seminary programs around the country, besides St. Clement Seminary, that can give you the needed knowledge. With few exceptions they all require residency and are many times more expensive.


When I complete the course of study with St. Clement of Alexandria Seminary, do I get a degree?

Yes if you complete the “Clergy Track,” but because we are not an acccredited institution, the degree will be considered honorary by most. However, the degree is authorized by the California Post-Secondary Education Code. This is explained in the Catalog shown on the Curriculum page. For the Lay Theologian Track, a Certificate of Completion is issued. For each individual course, a certificate is also issued.


I feel like I would be wasting my time just studying?

This should not be so. During the time you are studying you should also be preparing the way for your ministry. You may, if you wish, start gathering people together for prayer meetings, organizing study groups, and forming the basis for a small parish. You can further enhance your ministry by finding others who are interested in the priesthood, so that you will have help with your ministry. Also, it is equally important that you continue to develop your own spiritual life. You cannot give what you do not have. Positive habits of prayer and meditation are essential in your life as a priest. Now is the time continue to sharpen those habits and grow more in your spiritual development.


Can I practice my ministry as a priest while I am still studying?

No. As a Universal Catholic seminarian, you may not take upon yourself the duties of a priest until you are ordained.


I am currently an ordained minister of another church. May I continue to exercise this ministry during my studies?

You may form a Bible and religious study group and gather people together for Prayer Meetings, visit the sick and the oppressed, but you may not exercise any sacramental offices of the Universal Catholic Church. Because you have used the title “Reverend,” you may continue to do so, as long as you do not indicate that you are an ordained priest.


May a priest have a wife or partner and children?

The Universal Catholic Church has married priests (as was true in the Early Church and as remains true in Eastern Orthodox churches). It was not until the eleventh century that the Roman Rite imposed celibacy upon its clergy.


What does the Coat of Arms that is displyed on each page mean?

The crossed 'Keys of the Kingdom" and a processional cross stand behind a shield on which is set a chalice and the Host symbolizing the sacrifice and offerings of the Holy Eucharist. The motto translates as "Thy Kingdom Come."


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