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Last Updated April 6, 2011.

Distance Learning


All courses are in a distance-learning format. Students enroll in a course and purchase the required text. Then they will be sent a syllabus and work with the instructor on completing assignments, essays and exams as required. If the text is not readily available or out of print, the seminary may provide materials for study.


Normal completion times vary per course, but, generally, students may expect to complete a given course in one month, depending on how assiduously they apply themselves.


The instructor tries to make him or herself available as much as possible via post, email, or telephone to answer questions which may arise, and upon successful completion of a given course, a letter of completion is provided so the student may enroll in the next course in sequence. Courses in other sequences may be begun even while a student is completing courses in one sequence. Refer to the Curriculum tab for more information.


Advanced altar training courses will be given hands-on with an instructor. As outlined in the Student Handbook, it usually necessary to travel to a church center for such training.