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Last Updated February 2, 2014.


History [Continued]


Structure of the Liberal Catholic Eucharistic Rite




·          Invocation

·          Asperges

·          Canticle

·          Confiteor

·          Absolution



·          First censing

·          Introit

·          Kyrie

·          Gloria



·          The Collects

·          The Epistle

·          Munda Cor Meum

·          The Gospel



·          Salutation of Peace [Optional “historic” location]

·          Creed (Originally part of the Baptismal Rite only.)

·          Second censing

·          Offerings

·          Preface

·          Holy, Holy, Holy


God's Response

·          The Prayer of Consecration (Transubstantiation)


Transformation of Us All

·          Adeste Fideles [Optional]

·          Prayers of Intent

·          Second Elevation



·          The Lord's Prayer [Optional]

·          Commemoration of the Saints

·          Salutation of Peace [Alternate Nicene location]


Transformation of the Individual

·          Acknowledgment and Invitation

·          Reception of Holy Communion


Transformation of the Universe

·          Post communion prayer

      Dismissal of Angels

·          Benediction


Except for the options noted above, this is still the exact structure of the Liberal Catholic Rite.


After the liturgy was in place, Bishop Leadbeater kept writing. The result was his Science of the Sacraments, a book that explains in great detail his interpretation/vision how each part of the liturgy took shape, what it means, and how it works The book is not an official document of the Universal Catholic Church, but it has inspired many of our members. If you are interested here is a link to a recent edition of his work.